2015 Office Tour

Just thought I would give you a 2015 office tour. I am currently renting, so this won’t always be my office. But in the meantime, I’m going to make it mine!

My desk is from Ikea and I’m sure you have seen the infamous Alex drawers in many other office tours. they are especially popular amongst the beauty gurus. This chair was from Ikea too, but it was originally white. I picked up some teal dye at Walmart and made it match my closet as closely as I could.

office tour

I like having this little table for extra working space, and sometimes my daughter comes in and does her work on it. I’m pretty sure I got this stool from Walmart years ago. And have you see my DIY Tiffany & Co Canvas post?

This picture on the right was purchased at Hobby Lobby awhile back. It used to hang in my daughters room, until she remodeled. The table is from Target, as are the white file bins.

office tour

This is my bookshelf wall! I love this wall so much. They gray paint and pretty colors call to me every time I walk into this room.office tour

This is just a closer look at my shelves and some of the doodads I display. office tour

Yes, even a Michael’s watercolor palette. 🙂office tour

Most of these things are items that I have picked up over the years. I tried not to clutter the shelves too much. I like a clean and simple look.

office tour

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