Fauxdori Journal Flip Through

Do you remember that Traveler’s Notebook I made? Well, here is what I have been using it for so far. Welcome to my Fauxdori Journal Flip through! Sadly, I have to blur out the words, but it’s the only way to share my journal with you, and maintain my privacy.

I love how beautifully this leather is aging. I am no artist, but here are the little doodles I have been including in my writing. I’m even playing with watercolors too.

I decorated this binder clip to use as a pen holder, and I found these pig paperclips at The Container Store.

Stick figures are my area of expertise 🙂 I’m new to washi tape too. I bought one of those packs from Michael’s just to get started, but there are a lot of them I don’t care for. I think next time I will be a little more selective of the tape I buy.

Who else watched Charlie brown every Christmas Eve?

This doggie page is actually in a different notebook than my personal journal. My dogs and kids have separate journals! And I just realized that the word “than”, is spelled incorrectly and is missing the n :-/

Here is a look at some of my notebook covers.

I hope you enjoyed this little peak into my very first Traveler’s Notebook journal. I am truly enjoying this format, and can’t see changing it up any time soon!

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