July 3, 2017

Hello! Yup, its’s been awhile since my last post. I am actually writing this post in June, in hopes of getting ahead on my content and not flaking out again. I always tell myself that I will have more time when the kids are out of school, after the holidays or any one of a hundred different excuses. The reality, there will never be the perfect time, only the time I decide to dedicate to my YouTube channel and Blog.

So, here I am, finally writing a post and creating a video. I want to start off with something small and easy to share…my Passport Midori Wallet. I love my regular size Midori so much that I want to have a smaller version of it too. Then came the dilemma of finding it’s purpose in my life. After spending countless hours on YouTube, I found the perfect reason to own this tiny little notebook.

Here he is, in all his scratched up glory. I used to use Chic Sparrows as my wallet, but I was always afraid of scratching the beautiful leather. And since they had 4 strings, they ended up being quite chunky and heavy. I actually used my regular sized Midori as my wallet/planner at one time too, but that became too bulky and heavy for me too.

Now this, is my style. Small, simple and classic.

I stuck a Target Dollar Spot clear adhesive pocket to the inside cover. I like to stick receipts in here until I get home and enter them in Quicken.

The first insert is one I made myself using a long reach stapler, a recycled Midori notebook cover, and some paper from an old notebook. I use this as my affirmation and intentions notebook.

My second insert is made the same way, but using a daily printable I purchased from Etsy. And the cute little bear is from The Black Bear Stamp Collection…also purchased on Etsy.

This is where I keep my favorite quotes and my gratitude list.

Next are my wallet inserts. These came in a pack of three from a seller on Amazon, and were under $10. I use two of them and would love to buy some more as backup, but I can’t find them anywhere now!

I keep checks and cash in the first pocket. Although, cash seems to have a rare presence in my wallet.

Business cards and sticky notes adorn my second zipper pouch. I don’t like to bend the pages of my books, so having these on hand is so helpful. I always seem to find the best quotes while I’m sitting in my car reading and waiting for the kids.

Check out the video too!

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