January 21, 2018
Personal Planner - Fitness Journal

Emilia from Personal Planner contacted me at the end of 2017, asking if I would like to give one of their planners a try. Of course I was super excited and accepted the offer. I love developing planning systems for myself, and I thought this would be the perfect planner to use for my home life (dinners, sports, appointments, work schedules…)

I also started my first bullet journal a few months ago, and quickly realized that I can fit all of my work and home life calendars in there. Now I had to figure out what to do with this beautiful planner! Aha, a fitness tracker! This planner would be perfect for my workout and meal journal…wrong  🙁  If you scroll to the end of this post, you can watch a more detailed video on why I won’t be using this planner as a fitness tracker. As a matter of fact, I’m not sure what to do with it now. Any ideas?

I LOVE this cover! It’s my favorite part of the planner. They have plenty of templates to chose from, but I wanted to create my own in Photoshop. These are a few of my favorite pictures from 2017.

Personal Planner - Fitness Journal

The quote I chose for my cover page  🙂Personal Planner - Fitness Journal

Using the monthly section was a fail. I felt like I was just repeating what I put in the weekly calendar here. And I like boxes with lines, but unfortunately that wasn’t one of the options.Personal Planner - Fitness Journal

Week One – Tried out some sticker, and hated it.                                                        Week Two – Tried out using different color pens, and hated it.Personal Planner - Fitness Journal

I bought some stamps on Etsy. This was close, but still not making me happy.Personal Planner - Fitness Journal

And this is where I gave up. I wont be using this planner for my fitness journey. My bullet journal is now in charge of that!Personal Planner - Fitness Journal

Personal Planner - Fitness Journal

They had options to include different layouts at the back of your notebook. I chose Year at a glance, maps and sodoku.Personal Planner - Fitness Journal

Personal Planner - Fitness Journal

Here is the red strap that came with my notebook, but I decided to take it off.Personal Planner - Fitness Journal

Be sure to watch my video to find out more details, and why I won’t be using this planner anymore. Thanks for stopping by!

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