October 25, 2018



Clever Fox Planner Unboxing

Sophie from Clever Fox Planner asked me if I would like to try one of their undated planners, and I gladly accepted. I’m more of a ring planner myself, so I picked a color with my daughter in mind. I have been trying to get her to incorporate a planner into her busy little life for awhile now. Little did I know, this is the perfect fit for her! She LOVES this planner and wants to get one every year now.

One of her favorite things about this planner is the sheet it comes with to guide you on setting up your planner. Not only is this a weekly and monthly planner, it is also a goal planner!

It came with some stickers, but I don’t think she will be using those.

Clever Fox Planner

So, here it is. The Clever Fox Planner in Rose. Mine had a little spot on it, but honestly, I may have done that myself. I’m sure if I contacted them, they would have no problem exchanging it for me.Clever Fox Planner

Isn’t it pretty!Clever Fox Planner

The front page has a place to put your personal information, in case you lose your planner.Clever Fox Planner

It starts with a space for you to focus on Gratitude and Self Awareness.Clever Fox Planner

There is a place for you to build a vision board. You can doodle or paste pictures here!Clever Fox Planner

Next is a section for goals.Clever Fox Planner

Focus and Mind MappingClever Fox Planner

And then starts the monthly calendar. I love that they are undated, that way you can start or take a break from the planner whenever you need to. I also like how it includes space for Monthly Habits.Clever Fox Planner

This weekly section is next…also undated, and also very goal oriented.Clever Fox Planner

There are also a lot of dot grid pages at the back of the planner. I guess if you are an avid bullet journaler, you can use this space to build your own layouts, or just have a space to doodle and take notes!Clever Fox Planner

Just like a lot of the other notebooks this size, it comes with a secretarial pocket on the book cover. It has a pen loop too! This is not always a included with these types of planners.Clever Fox Planner

This planner also has plenty of bookmark ribbons. I’m not too fond of the colors, especially with this color cover, but they serve a good purpose!Clever Fox Planner

If you would like to see more about my thoughts on this planner, please click the video below! I will also be making a follow up video…because it turns out, this planner is perfect for my daughter and she is already using it daily  🙂

Visit their website for 20% off, use coupon code “get20off”


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