September 12, 2019



Hooked on Hobonichi!

Hobonichi Planner

Just when I thought I found the perfect planning system (The Passion Planner), the Hobonichi snuck up on me. I have had me eye on this planner for a few years now, but I had so many unanswered questions.

1. Where would I buy it?

2. How much is it in USD?

3. Should I buy from The Hobonichi website, Amazon or on Etsy? How about Jet Pens? (Oh no! The one I want is sold out!)

4. Will shipping cost an arm and a leg?

5. Will it take months to get here, just like when I order items from China?

Thankfully, I decided to take the leap. I watched a ton of videos on YouTube, Googled endless pictures, and scoured the Hobonichi website for details on the different planners. Feeling brave, I ordered directly from Hobonichi…I really wanted the “Not So Scary Bear”, and Hobonichi Ballpoint pen, even if it meant waiting longer.

Guess what?! It look less than two weeks to process and get delivered. I don’t feel like I paid too much extra for shipping either. I feel that the price was going to be the same, even if I ordered from Amazon…minus the extras.

Before I knew it, my Hobonichi Cousin Avec, in A5 size was at my door.

Let’s take a peek inside

This monthly layout is one of my favorite features. So many of my past planners have had monthly squares without lines or grids.if you know me, you know I LOVE my grid boxes.

The only change I am adjusting to is the Monday start. While I love this feature o my weekly planning page, I don’t so much on my monthly. I like to keep my iPhone calendar on a Sunday start, so that it matches the monthly calendar I have handing on my wall. I am just extra careful when entering events into this calendar.

Hobonichi Monthly

Here’s a closer look at those beautiful Friday lines!

Hobonichi Month Square

Weekly planning

The weekly layout is why I chose the Hobonichi Cousin in A5 size. It is the only version that comes with an extensive weekly spread. Like I mentioned, I previously used a Passion Planner, and the weeklies were my favorite section. I had to find something comparable, and I feel like I found something even better! The daily hours start earlier and end much later in the Hobonichi…exactly what I was looking for. And have I mentioned the grids?

Hobonichi Weekly

Another great feature is the easily readable date,in every section. Nothing amazing,but worth mentioning.

Hobonichi Dates

Daily Planning

My biggest dilemma when using the Passion Planner was that I didn’t have a space to put my daily running to do list. I live by this list! I was happily keeping it in a B6 Stalogy, with a Sojourner leather cover, but I secretly wished I could keep everything in one place.

These daily pages are perfect for my list now! I even have a place to keep track of my husband and daughter’s schedules, plus some room for light journaling.

Hobonichi Daily

The grid!!!

I know, I know! Shut up about the grid already right?!

The grid, along with the beautiful, buttery smooth paper, are just such an added bonus the the functional design and layout. I think I love this grid because it’s easily visible, but not over powering.

Hobonichi grid

So, welcome to my Hobonichi obsession! I hope you will join me for weekly and monthly updates here on my blog. You can always check out my YouTube channel too!

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