August 27, 2018



My Planner Collection

I’ve had a few people ask for me to show my planner collection, so here it is! I know to some people it may seem like a lot, but every notebook has a purpose. I am a minimalist at heart, and it bothers me for things to go unused and not be loved.

Let’s start with my wallet. This is a Pocket Deluxe Chic Sparrow, in Nightingale. I LOVE this leather! It is just so gorgeous and has so much character. If you’d like to see how I have it set up, you can check it out here.

pocket chic sparrow

Next is my Filofax Personal Ochre Malden. This is my go to, everyday planner. Here is a the setup I did back in January. It’s changed a little bit since then, but you’ll get a better look inside.

filofax malden

One of my favorite planners ever…because it is just so classic and sleek, is the Midori Travelers Notebook. This brown was my first Midori TN, and I try to use it everyday. It’s where I keep all my thoughts, feelings, and cherished memories.

midori travelers notebook

I have designated this Camel TN and Blue TN as my children’s junk journals. I used to keep a lot of their pictures and memorabilia in my Brown TN, but it would get too chunky for me to write. Now they will have their own journals to look through when they are older. I guess this is my new version of scrapbooking!

midori travelers notebook

This little guy is my Boho Cottage in personal wide. I can’t ever remember when I bought it, but it’s just so soft and floppy, that I knew I had to find a use for it. I pulled the middle strings out and slid my A6 Stalogy notebook in it. This is where I keep my very beginner water color artwork.

boho cottage

Lastly, I have this Filofax Original, patent hot pink, in A5 size. I am trying to set it up as my fitness journal, but I’m just not loving the shiny patent leather. I have two alternatives shipping to me soon! I’ll update you when I get them.

a5 filofax

Now I’m going to show you a few of the planners I’m not using. This is my Filofax Domino Soft Blue, in the personal size. I wanted to switch out my Malden for the summer and enjoyed using this planner for awhile, but it gets dirty fast…and it’s not a Malden  🙂 You can check out my flip through here.

soft domino

And then there is this LOVELY Filofax Pocket Malden in Kingfisher Blue. I enjoyed using this as a wallet, but I found it to be a little too small for my planning needs. I really wish I had this in the Personal size. Here is a link if you would like to see the inside setup of this beauty.pocket filofax

Before my newest Chic Sparrow, these two Mr. Darcy’s were my go to wallets. I might switch between them for the different seasons, but I love my Nightingale so much, that I think it might be time to part with these two.

pocket chic sparrow

Lastly, my Camel TN in passport size, but my dog decided to chew it up, so it is now my business card midori tn

If you have any questions about these planners, ask away. Be sure to watch my video too…I go into a little more detail there.

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