March 24, 2019


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Another new planner company reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing their planner. This will probably be the last of these planners that I will review. They all seem to be made very similarly, just with different layouts.

It’s great that there are so many different planner setups out there though! I had another company approach me, and their planner has a daily page in it. You don’t see that too often in these types of planners.

I racked my brain trying to find a use for this planner, but just couldn’t think of one. Content, fitness, everyday planner? Nothing seemed to fit for me. I guess I could use it as a weekly planner, but I love my current setup too much to change.

So, for any of you interested, here is a peak into the Legend Planner. And if you are interested in purchasing one, click here:

The cover is absolutely beautiful, and there are 9 colors to chose from. I chose turquoise with rose gold foiling. This is a hard cover planner and one of my favorite features…the pen loop.

In most of these goal setting planners, the self awareness pages are up front. This one follows suit. I really do love that they have guided questions. I love to sit and write about my goals and feelings, but I freeze when I look at a blank page.

This Dream section is great too! I really do feel that an important part of living your life to the fullest is knowing what you want. And not only that, knowing your “Why”, is what will keep you going, even through the seemingly impossible times.

Vision boards are so much fun. I just made one in my Passion Planner and I love looking at it everyday. As a matter of fact, I’m going to be making one geared towards my fitness goals only.

Next is the goals area. You can plan out your one year goals, in all these eight areas of your life.

There is also space for your 3 month goals, and the steps you will take to achieve them.

I really do feel like this planner has some very thought provoking questions. And I love this Daily Ritual section!

After the goal setting ages, come the monthly planner section. I find this monthly calendar a bit small, because of the boxes they included at the bottom.I know the point of this planner is to achieve your goals, so writing them in several places is important, that way they are the forefront of your thoughts.

After each monthly spread is a section to reflect on your month, and a space for notes.

If I didn’t love my current weekly planning system so much, I think I could make this one work for me. I think the tracker is adorable, but it is a little small.

Just like the other planners that seem to be made by the same manufacturer, there are dot grid pages in the back.

It also has this handy little pocket, but be careful, its’ made of pretty thin paper.

Here are the goodies that came with the Legend Planner.

Check out my video for a flip through and more thoughts on this planner:

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