October 17, 2018



Van Der Spek Unboxing

I did it! I finally found a ring planner other than a Filofax that I truly love! Here are a few pictures from my Van Der Spek Unboxing video.

It took me a few weeks to save up the funds for this pretty little thing, but thankfully the shipping is super fast, so I didn’t have to wait long once I placed my order.

This is a Van Der Spek Standard, from the Touch Me collection, and it is in the color Noir. This is Van Der Spek’s ready to ship line of planners. Once you place your order, it will be shipped within the week.

van der spek planner

Look at the gorgeous texture of this Buffalo Leather planner! One of the reasons I chose this planner is because of the pocket configurations. Even though I don’t always use the pockets, like in my Malden, it’s nice to know they are there. With this planner, I want to add die cuts and stickers. You know, get out of my comfort zone a bit and pretty it up!van der spek planner


I’ve heard a lot about these Krause rings too! They are replaceable and have the most wonderful snapping sound when you close them. I chose the 30mm rings for this planner. van der spek planner van der spek planner

This back pocket is the main reason I chose this planner. I originally fell in love with the pocket on the back of The Foxy Fix Boss babe Madison Planner, but had a hard time deciding between the pocket with the elastic closer, or the button closure with no pocket. I am so grateful to @a_planner_addicts_world, for introducing me to the Van Der Spek planner. I assumed that they were out of my price range, but their Touch Me line is just right! You can customize a planner with them as well, but that can get a bit costly…a girl can dream 😉

Here is that wonderful pocket! I honestly don’t know if I will use it yet, but I plan to!van der spek planner

This leather is sooooooo floppy. I know you can add stiffener to the custom line, but I appreciate a softer, floppier planner.van der spek planner

Here are a few pictures of my new VDS next to my Personal size Malden…just in case you want a comparison.van der spek planner van der spek planner

If you want to hear more about this gorgeous planner, made in France BTW, check out my video!


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