DM Leather Unboxing

D&M Leather Studio Unboxing

I was on the hunt again, this time for a leather folio to keep my Stalogy notebook in. The challenge was to find a quality leather noetbook for under $100. I am so happy I stumbled across this shop on Etsy! D&M Leather notebooks are handmade, and they even customized it to the size I needed at no additional charge! I can’t wait to see how this leather ages…it’s very Indian Jones-ish. Here is a peak at the unboxing of my D&M Leather Notebook.

DM Leather

I was using a Boho Cottage Traveler’s Notebook, but I found it a bit too floppy. I wanted something a little more rugged and meant to hold a notebook like in the image up above.

DM Leather

This little green notebook came with the folio, and it is in the original size. They actually made it quite a bit bigger for me  🙂DM Leather

Take a look inside this beauty! I love the scratched that are already appearing on the leather!

DM Leather

I was a little confused at first, but then I realized how neatly the pen gets tucked away.

DM Leather

Side view!DM Leather

And since I am going to be painting in my Stalogy notebook more often, I thought I should take some watercolor classes. Right now I am keeping the PDF files and images that I paint, in this A5 Filofax planner, but I can’t wait to order one from D&M Leather to take it’s place!

DM Leather

For a more detailed look at this notebook, check out my video!

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