May Hobonichi Weeks Flip Through

May Monthly Spread

This is probably the last monthly spread I will decorate in my Hobonichi Weeks planner. I was keeping track of my husband’s work schedule and special occasions, but I also do this in a few other spots, so it felt repetitive.

I love this sticker kit from Ashley Ann Laz though!

Hobonichi Weeks May

May Weekly Spread

This is my least favorite spread…ever. I actually designed the stickers, and I like that part quite a bit. But things got messy when it came to the cleaning stickers.

I put together an entire cleaning program for my apartment, and then realized it just wouldn’t work for me. I like to spend one day cleaning my home. It’s torture to spread it throughout the entire week. So, I ended up doing it all on Friday because I never got around to it the rest of the days.

Honestly, as soon as things start to go back to normal, I’m gong to pay someone to clean my house again 🙂


Hobonichi Weeks May

I also made this weeks sticker kit. I like the way it turned out, but I’m beginning to feel like my spreads are too crowded.

Hobonichi Weeks May

For the next two weeks I tried out new printable sticker kits from Happy Bees Craft. They are adorable, but I think I like the simple design of Ashley Ann Laz stickers a little more.

Hobonichi Weeks May

Can you see my new custom sticker from Coffee Monsterz Co?! That’s me, with my camera in hand! It is my favorite purchase of the year 🙂

Hobonichi Weeks May

I changed up the stickers once again for this week, and these are probably my least favorite printable stickers. While they are very beautiful, they just aren’t my style. I will say that this sticker kit from Paper Crown Planner have been the easiest to print and cut with my Cricut machine.

If these match your style, I would definitely recommend heading over to her Etsy store!

Hobonichi Weeks May

Until next time!

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