My New Fasjosma Planner Wallet

Affordable Planner Wallet by Fasjosma

Who doesn’t love a good planner wallet? Especially at an affordable price! This planner sells for $30, compared to most leather planners that start at $100!

Xu from Fasjosma reached out to me and asked if I would like to give one of their leather notebooks a try. I just happened to be in the market for a new planner wallet, so I asked if I could try out their A6 brown notebook.

The planner arrived and I thought it looked absolutely gorgeous! It has a very rustic, hand crafted look to it. I was a little surprised by the size though. It was a little bigger than I was expecting. I later found out that not all planners are created equal. It turns out that their A6 is more like our Personal size notebook in the US.

Planner WalletLet’s Take a Look Inside

This planner is made with Italian cowhide leather, which does make the planner a bit bulky in some places, mainly the front cover.

– It has a snap closure to keep the notebook secure, especially if you are using it as a wallet.
– The front has a large pocket (I keep cash in here), zipper pocket (I have a few extra cards in there), a secretarial pocket (I like to put receipts in here) and a card slot (I keep my ID and most used debit card here)…this is where you can feel a lot of the bulk.
– I’m not sure how big the rings are, but they will fit about 80 sheets of paper comfortably. And like I said before, the paper is more of a personal size, not A6. It came with 40 sheets of lined and 40 sheets of blank paper.
– It also had a PVC zipper pouch and card holder, which was the perfect addition for my extra cards and a few other things I like to keep with me, like checks.
– There is another large pocket in the back and a pen holder. Oh is not elasticized so it more easily fits an thinner pen. I don’t hate the pen in the loop, but it made it a little harder to close.

Planner Wallet

Planner Wallet

Final Thoughts

I thought this planner would actually be really good for a man who might be interested in planners because it’s a little more masculine. I know my husband likes Galen Leather because it has a more rustic feel to it and this notebook reminds me of those leather planners. This is also a great entry level notebook because it’s quite a bit cheaper than most of the leather notebooks out there.

Fasjosma also has a few other sizes and types of notebooks. Here is their Amazon store if you want to check them out.

Check Out My Video

Click here to watch a more detailed video about the Fasjosma Planner and how I’m using it!

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